Thursday, October 16, 2014

Know your Bat-Villain!: Professor Hugo Strange

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Hey Rafa, see what I did here?

You can add further text to tease the main article, or just leave links in the post title/artwork. I'd also recommend resizing art for greater advertisement visibility. Note that with the HTML coding used in this post, you can link out in a new tab automatically while keeping eyes on the Blogosphere page, rather than directing traffic away from other Blogosphere posts.

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  1. How did you do that?

    I wa just checking that.
    Your post is definitively better than my trial post, but it has the full article with no link to your blog, which is what I want (so that this blog is some sort of Newsfeed and you go to the tied blogs for the full articles, ideally in new tabs).
    The problem with my posts is that the button for sharing on blogger allows me no pictures, only a few lines and doesn't even let me pick... This sucks!